Let’s get familiar with Esseph H.O.
The main business activities of Esseph are designing, producing and selling women clothing. Our expertise and focus is assembling fashion design clothes for the “Plus Size” segment under our brands Magna and Maelle. Our team, consisting of professionals that are based in the fashion atelier in Amsterdam, makes it possible to achieve our goals.

How the business started

Esseph is a family run business and started in 1978 as retailer selling clothing and fashion accessories. The limited supply received from suppliers and slow delivery services had led to e.g. performances that could not fulfil the increased demand up to standards. The decision had been made to design and manufacture on a smaller scale. Quickly it was noticeable that this strategy was successful and as time passed, the business expanded itself.

Through the years, professionals have joined the team who made it possible to improve production capacities which allowed the business to operate on a global scale. The quick delivery services and the price quality ratio have made it possible for Esseph to create solid relationships with retailers from the Netherlands as well as in many other European countries. The growth of the business accelerated as Esseph was gaining more expertise in the textile process. The combination of expertise, flexibility and the endeavour of the family run business enabled Esseph to develop its distinctive character.

Made in NL

Throughout the years, Esseph has manufactured children-women-and men clothing and received private label assignments. Due to the upcoming low-wage countries and the fall of export barriers, Esseph underwent fierce competition with e.g. China. In the nineties, the company specialized itself in manufacturing and selling of Plus Size clothing. There was low competition in the plus size industry as it was an upcoming niche and therefore, Esseph tried to introduce its own brand Magna in 2000 as a plus size label “made in NL” offering clothing against reasonable prices. In 2014, there was a second brand launched named Maelle.

The future and vision of Esseph
Local production, quick delivery services, exceptional price quality ratio and the focus on “plus size” allowed Esseph to build a significant reputation within the branch. And Therefore, Esseph’s mission is to utilize their unique approach and retailers to increase the overall satisfaction. The intern production and quick delivery from our inventory are main advantages of Esseph. Flexibility of our business to adapt to changes in trends within the fashion branch allows us to achieve our goal. With the brands Magna and Maelle, Esseph wants to expand her network in the Netherlands, Europa and The United States.
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